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Science Squad  (SS) Tuesdays
(Tuesdays 11:30-2:00 pm):
This class will cover a variety of science topics and allow students the opportunity to learn how things work and explore their world through hands on experiments, experiences and projects.  Students will also have lunch and playtime together. 

The Language Express (LAX) Wednesdays

(Wednesdays 11:30–2:00 pm): 
Studies show that the earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the easier it is for that child to learn it, and the more they will gain and grow from the experience.  Through three language classes, Portuguese, German and American Sign Language, these little learners will discover new ways to communicate.  They will also delve into the culture of each language, giving them a glimpse into the great big world beyond preschool.

Afternoon Adventures (AA) Thursdays

(Thursdays 11:30–2:00 pm):
After enjoying lunch and playtime together, our intrepid little explorers will work together on a variety of activities, guided by a teacher. Themes range from weather, books, and cooking to animals, cultural topics and more. 

Exploration Station (ES) Fridays

(Fridays 11:30-2:00 pm):

All aboard! Come along as we take a hands on approach to learning through a variety of subjects, giving a head start in kindergarten preparation.  Next stop... fun!

Enrichment Enrollment Form 2022-2023

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I'm going to stay at Good Beginnings FOREVER - well, only until I'm 10 or 13, because then I have to go to college. — a 4's student


This is our first year at Good Beginnings Preschool and my son and I are absolutely thrilled with the school. He is always so excited to go to school in the morning and never wants to leave when I pick him up in the afternoon. I think his teachers are excellent, kind, and thorough. They really care about him and the progress he makes in the classroom. We also love the enrichment programs they offer in the afternoon. I would recommend this preschool to everyone! — Jamie Walker


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