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Kindergarten Readiness

Five-Day Program Class Curriculum:

Reading Readiness:

We will teach your child language and reading readiness skills, including letter recognition, phonetic sounds and letter formation. We use a variety of rhymes, songs, finger plays, and poems throughout the year. Students will learn that letters are grouped to form words and words form sentences. We will read stories and reflect on them using journals, which promote independent thought, creative answers to questions, and how to relate literature to the child's own experiences. Additionally, Weekly Reader, a magazine made for four-and-five-year-olds, is used. It provides realistic pictures, simples sentences, and is a catalyst for wonderful discussions on a wide variety of topics.


We teach sorting, patterning, some/more/less, one to one, categorizing, shapes, number writing and recognition, measurement, graphing, problem solving, calendar skills, coins, counting by 10s, and estimating. Every concept is taught using manipulatives and hands-on experiences. We use Math Connects by McGraw-Hill, Kindergarten, Vol. 1.


Handwriting is practiced in many ways. We cover pencil grip, letter formation (upper and lower case), first name and number formation. We use a variety of tactile methods including pencils, markers, crayons, chalk, small sponges, water, chalkboards, sand and shaving cream. We also demonstrate that spoken word matches print.


We teach the Bible as God's truth. Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments will be presented. The children will learn to apply Bible truths to their daily lives. We will cover the themes of being honest, being obedient, sharing with others, getting along with others, taking turns, being unselfish, and telling the truth. The children will understand that God loves them.

The Kindergarten Readiness program is the ideal place for a child to reinforce their preschool learning, while preparing for the exciting move to Kindergarten. Additionally, the needs of each individual child are met in an atmosphere that challenges them to grow and instills a love of learning.

Science, Social Studies, Art

We expose children to these areas of learning with fun, hands-on activities that can sometimes get messy.  On a rotating basis we explore, research, experiment, and create to develop an interest in these STEAM areas and our community. 


During Music Time, children learn to sing, move to music and play rhythm instruments and musical games. These activities teach and reinforce such musical concepts as steady beat, fast and slow, pitch, melodic direction and dynamics in an active and fun environment. 

Socialization and Developing Character

These areas receive special emphasis. There are many opportunities for socialization each day including free choice time, recess, snack, and library time. We also practice and play games that involve taking turns, role-playing, social situations, and manners. Guidance is given whenever it's needed. We are committed to developing Godly character and actions in the lives of the students entrusted in our care. We teach and encourage students to practice honesty, kindness, thankfulness, obedience, cooperation, patience, attentiveness and respect.

Physical Education

Physical Education is held once each week.  It covers spatial awareness, following directions, developing gross motor skills (jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping, and running), catching and throwing, parachute activities, scooter activities, movement through tag and good sportsmanship. Being active for a healthy lifestyle is emphasized.

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