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Reading and Literacy:

We emphasize reading aloud to the children, and present topical themes and classic children's literature throughout the year.  We also offer the children an opportunity to "read" through books on their own.  Our students are exposed to all the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding phonetic sounds.  Students also work on name recognition.


We introduce counting, basic shapes, sorting and colors through a variety of fun methods, including songs, games, stories, crafts and learning centers.


Our weekly Bible lessons focus on major characters and events from the Old and New Testaments. We use these scriptural lessons to teach Christian principles by which we can live. Classes include Bible memory verses and daily prayer.


Art is a key component of a child's learning, as it helps develop large and fine motor skills. Children will have the opportunity to experience art as a process, utilizing different mediums such as: play dough, paper, painting, glue and other supplies. The artwork includes projects that are creatively independent as well as directed.


During Center Time, the students will experience small group instruction with a teacher. Centers promote creative play and expose children to different sensory experiences. They will also have the freedom to choose the centers in which they want to participate, which develops social skills.


3's Class Curriculum:

Music and Movement

During Music Time, children learn to sing, move to music and play rhythm instruments and musical games. These activities teach and reinforce such musical concepts as steady beat, fast and slow, pitch, melodic direction and dynamics in an active and fun environment. Children will also further develop large motor skills through games and movement.

Character Development

We are committed to developing Godly character and action in the lives of our students. Based on Galatians 5:22-23, which describes the Fruits of the Spirit in us, we teach and encourage children to exhibit love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. We also emphasize honesty, attentiveness, obedience and respect, character traits that ultimately build up our families and communities.


We strongly bel​eve in the importance of play. Children at this age typically engage in parallel (side-by-side) play. It is out intention that they begin to improve their communication, work together, follow directions and learn to share, which are all important lifelong skills.

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